Kristof Cottenier


Art is torment. The pursuit of the unattainable perfect is tiring, but results in intense delight! I cannot live without...

People who know me understand that my studio exerts a very strong appeal to me. It is my nest where thoughts are designed with great enthusiasm and passion. You can knead a sculpture until it absorbs a kind of life breath.

I love to strive for harmony between form and technique, to find out again and again how the arrangements get better, more direct. Therefore experimenting is an important aspect for me in the development of a sculpture.

With the D.O.G. series, I wanted to create a form that can handle the confrontation with nature. There is nothing more difficult than to match the elegance of nature with a sculpture. Nature dominates effortlessly. Therefore these animals present themselves with their rough texture, searching and submissive. As spirits they are present, but they will not let you go.

Kristof Cottenier